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4 Fun Things to Do With Kids in Pittsfield

Fun Things to Do With Kids in Pittsfield - Kids playing with snow
Carla Docdocil
Carla Docdocil
January 13, 2023

For the outdoorsy family, there are lots of fun things to do with kids in Pittsfield, MA. From museums to nature to snowboarding, these activities will provide you and the kids with hours of entertainment and enjoyment. 

Here are four of Pittsfield's most creative, educational, and fun experiences, so get ready for a wonderful adventure!

Visit The Berkshire Museum

Berkshire Museum Entrance

The Berkshires Museum holds an exciting collection of stories from past to present, with an everlasting exhibition for all to enjoy. To make the experience even more engaging, children can participate in various activities throughout the museum's displays and exhibits. Visitors are encouraged to try out sample materials and pick up "Explorer Activity" bags that contain entertaining games and tasks specifically designed for them!

These exceptional items will keep young minds engaged, learning, and focused. Not only can they dress up in clothing from different historical eras to understand its origin better, but there are also multiple individual exhibits and kid-friendly activities on each floor gallery of the Berkshires Museum!

Canoe Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary

Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary

Do you still look for places to go in Pittsfield with your kids? Venture to Canoe Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary after your sightseeing is done! Located only one mile from Pittsfield's city center, it brings the natural world closer to Berkshire County's most significant metropolis. 

With its gentle, level trails winding through rich woods, sunny meadows, and tranquil wetlands, the Housatonic River Sanctuary is a nature lover's paradise. Exploring here at any time of year will delight you with highlights such as guided bird walks in spring and autumn to observe beautiful scenery from multiple vantage points along the trail.

The Berkshire Carousel

Carousel memories remain in our hearts forever, and the Berkshire Carousel offers family fun. With its stunningly hand-carved horses and chariots gracing its circumference, riding this carousel will be nothing short of a magical experience! Apart from that, their educational programs, such as music classes and puppet shows, further enhance your children's learning experiences while providing entertainment at the same time.

From memories of beloved animal companions to carousel figures crafted with passion and warmth by volunteers, the painted ponies are a testament to joy. Kids can't help but be drawn in when they see these beautiful horses - taking a ride is simply part of their experience! And this whimsical symbol has become an essential part of summertime fun in Berkshire. There really is nothing quite like it!

Bousquet Mountain

Kids laying on the snow

Are you looking for a place to improve your kids' skiing during winter school breaks, including a lesson, lunch, and a lift ticket? At Bousquet Mountain Camps, your little ones can take their skiing and snowboarding skills to the next level! 

They have all-encompassing packages to make this winter an unforgettable adventure that will teach kids how to maneuver through ski racing while also having a blast successfully. From novice skiers just learning the ropes to those competing at higher levels, our programs are designed so everyone can enjoy life on the slopes with friends and family. Come join us for an experience you will remember! 

Enjoy Family Time With Your Kids

No matter what you choose to do during your stay in Pittsfield, it's sure to be an adventure! With so many fun things to do with kids in Pittsfield, MA, there are endless possibilities for family fun. After a fun-filled day of activities, you can enjoy a family dinner in Pittsfield, MA, at one of the many downtown restaurants. So, grab your kids and get ready for an adventure!