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Gift Shopping Near Pittsfield, MA

Gift Shopping Near Pittsfield - Inside a gift shop
Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
July 8, 2022

Pittsfield is the perfect location to stroll downtown, window-shop, and search for the perfect gift. In between shops, you can enjoy coffee at a cafe or a wonderful lunch. The only challenge will be finding space for all the gifts and home decor items you'll fall in love with!

Enjoy the Best Gift Shopping Near Pittsfield MA

Whether you are treating yourself, a friend, or a loved one, there's nothing like finding the perfect gift. Pittsfield has several perfect gift shops where you can find a unique gift, a soothing balm, a lovely scarf, or a home accessory that will make your day.

Dory & Ginger

Dory & Ginger

Dory and Ginger is a sweet gift shop with home and lifestyle items. The shop's motto is "Live and Give," which perfectly encompasses everything that the shop offers. At Dory & Ginger, you can find the perfect item for your home or a great gift for a loved one.

The store is run by Laurie, whose nickname is Dory, and Cara, whose nickname is Ginger. Dory and Ginger are on hand to help you pick out the perfect item.

Visitors will find items such as scented soaps, jewelry, and clothing. Find a memorable keepsake from the collection of Berkshire-themed items. In addition, you'll find local pieces such as maps, mugs, and glassware.

Berkshire General Store

Special occasion cards

Berkshire General Store is an old-fashioned convenience store with little of everything. You'll find delightful surprises from Blue Q gifts and inspiring greeting cards. In addition, Berkshire General Store offers outstanding Boar's Head deli items, delicious Gifford's ice cream, and heavenly locally roasted coffee.

Berkshire General Store is especially busy during lunch, as residents and visitors love their deli sandwiches, soup of the day, and lunchbox specials. The pickle pasta salad is a town favorite. Visitors can also stop by for breakfast or a hot beverage.

Berkshire General Store serves a little of everything, and you will surely find the perfect gift, card, or knick-knack. The store aims to keep everything under $20, so it's a great place to shop for affordable souvenirs and gifts.

New Moon Gifts

New Moon Gifts focuses on holistic, natural, local, and "down-to-earth" gifts. New Moon Gifts offers a wide variety of gifts for everyone on your list.

The store carries clothing, accessories, gemstone jewelry, games for all ages, and oil lamps. In addition, you'll find natural products such as soapstone, oils and incense, and healing stones. Bring some living greenery into your life with always-fascinating bonsai.

New Moon Gifts also carries designs and artworks from local artists.

Museum Outlets

Museum Outlets entrance

Museum Outlets features an eclectic mix of unique items. If you are looking for something unexpected, stop by and browse Museum Outlets. Visitors will find items such as small animal statues, fair-trade goods, reclaimed metal ornaments, vintage farmhouse finds, and useful bags.

You'll find a fascinating collection of vintage maps, vintage posters, and vintage postcards. There are sweet toys for the youngest kids. Treat yourself to a pair of cozy slippers, a painted parasol, or fair trade alpaca clothing. Museum Outlets also sells men's leather bags, interesting ties, and cool socks.

Experience Pittsfield Hospitality

Pittsfield is known for its fabulous shopping, wonderful gift shops, and world-class cuisine. It's the perfect place to get outdoors, enjoy weddings and celebrations, or have a family reunion. Visit Pittsfield and experience Berkshire's charming hospitality.