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Discovering Pittsfield's Art Gems

Art Galleries in Pittsfield, MA - Woman looking at Art
Camille Reddick
Camille Reddick
June 28, 2024

Art lives among the greenery and peaks of the Berkshires. Known as both a vacation destination and an artist's haven, this slice of Massachusetts is renowned for its galleries, open-air music venues, museums, and artist colonies. A day spent enjoying the art galleries in Pittsfield MA will show you why this city is the unofficial art capital of the Berkshires. Here's a look at five Pittsfield galleries you won't want to miss if you're coming to town to check out the art scene.


Nothing combines fresh New England air with innovative and inspiring art like this attraction! The Artscape walking tour is an outdoor gallery with a rotating collection that changes each year. Visitors can enjoy fascinating outdoor sculptures set against the backdrop of downtown's charm. During a tour of Artscape, visitors will cover a variety of locations throughout Pittsfield's Upstreet Cultural District.

Clock Tower Artists

Clock Tower Artists

Clock Tower Artists is formed by a collective of working artists working out of the Clock Tower Business Center in the heart of downtown. For visitors, this experience offers the opportunity to tour a number of different artist studios to watch creations come alive in real-time. No destination in Pittsfield offers this level of insider access to artists and their creations. If you plan to visit, check the Clock Tower Artists website or Facebook page ahead of time to verify "open studio" hours for the season. Free workshops are often offered on days when the studios are open.

NUarts Studios & Gallery

NUarts Studios - Man hanging a piece of art

NUarts puts the largest group of artists under a single roof in downtown Pittsfield! It takes a little bit of planning to check out this studio. As a working space, NUarts is only open during "open studio" days or appointment hours. Housed inside Pittsfield's Greylock Building, NUarts features studios belonging to more than 20 local artists, musicians, and art therapists. The space is divided between personal studios and a shared gallery. If you'd like to purchase available art, the display windows on Union Street showcase are currently for sale.

Lichtenstein Center for the Arts

Named after a generous benefactor in the Pittsfield community named Kitty Lichtenstein, the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts is a community arts center in Pittsfield's Upstreet Cultural District. It is the base for nine working artist studios belonging to resident artists. The space houses an art gallery, dark rooms, ceramic studios, several workshops, and several studios. While appointments can be made anytime, official gallery hours are from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Wednesday through Friday. The Lichtenstein Center for the Arts also hosts performances and readings from local actors, poets, dangers, and musicians.

Berkshire Museum

Berkshire Museum Building

Considered the heart of the Pittsfield art and cultural scene, this institution hosts world-class exhibits that explore the human experience, the natural world, and more. Various rotating exhibits let visitors explore mummies, rocks and minerals, women in space, and so much more! The Berkshire Museum Aquarium invites visitors to investigate more than 100 unique species of marine life and reptiles. The Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation is a 3,000-square-foot interactive space celebrating innovators and inventors.

Art Comes to Life During a Vacation in the Berkshires

Visiting art galleries in Pittsfield MA will inspire you to fall in love with the natural beauty, culture, and creative inspiration that breeze through the Berkshires. You can also see where local artists get their inspiration by exploring various natural landmarks and cultural attractions in the region. When it comes to what to do in Pittsfield, MA in your spare time, you'll be delighted to learn that Pittsfield offers many free attractions that are perfect for all ages.