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5 Best Kid-Friendly Trails in Pittsfield

Kid-Friendly Trails in Pittsfield - Kids on a hike
Carla Docdocil
Carla Docdocil
March 10, 2023

Are you planning a family trip to Pittsfield and looking for some kid-friendly outdoor activities? Don't worry we've got you covered with the best kid-friendly trails in town! Whether your little ones prefer biking, hiking, or just exploring nature - there's something for everyone. Discover miles of breathtaking views and lush forests filled with rich wildlife as you explore the hidden gems in this beautiful city. Keep reading, and we'll share our top picks for the best kid-friendly trails in Pittsfield. So grab your water bottles and get ready to go on an adventure!

Canoe Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary Trail

Canoe Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary

Spend quality time with your kids outdoors and escape to nature on the calming 2.8-mile (4.5 km) loop trail near Pittsfield, Massachusetts. This picturesque wildlife sanctuary is perfect for leisurely hikes all year long! Enjoy the tranquil scenery while taking a peaceful stroll through woods and meadows. Take advantage of the various benches along the route to sit back and appreciate birdwatching opportunities or marvel at other exquisite elements of Mother Nature's beauty. The varying terrain offers something different depending on the path you take.

Wild Acres Park

Wild Acres Park is a magical and peaceful haven if your kids love hiking! This tranquil 0.9-mile (1.4 km) loop trail takes 18 minutes. Yet you'll feel like you've been transported away as you explore its abundant serenity with your kids. You can relax around the pond from one of its many benches while enjoying the local wildlife. The trial is well-lit, so you can safely explore at night. Don't miss out on exploring nature's beauty so close by –all within one mile–at Wild Acres Park!

Springside Park

Enjoy the tranquil pathways of Springside Park in Pittsfield, Massachusetts! This 2.1-mile (3.4 km) out-and-back trail is perfect for family hikes - with its easy rating, you can wander around peacefully while your kids explore every nook and cranny. And you can bring your furry friends too, as leashed dogs can join in on the fun! The paths are kept clean, so prepare for an unforgettable journey through this serene landscape!

Berry Pond Trail

Berry Pond

Discover Berry Pond Trail, a fun and moderately challenging adventure! It takes 34 minutes to explore its 1.5-mile (2.1 km) loop trail – ideal for hiking or walking with your doggo as long as they're on a leash. Enjoy the stunning pond views during May - November, when it is most beautiful. Start by taking the Main Tram and follow the Skyline Trail until you reach a sharp left curve, then turn towards Turner Trails, which leads back to where you started at the parking lot. A superb outdoor experience awaits here, so don't miss it!

Shaker Mountain (Short Option)

Discover the hidden beauty of Shaker Mountain! This picturesque 3.3-mile (5.3 km) out-and-back trail near Pittsfield, MA, is a great way to exercise while exploring nature with friends or family. Although not for the faint at heart, it takes about an hour and forty minutes to complete this moderately challenging trek filled with winding paths through lush foliage. The best time to visit is March through November! And don't worry about Fido either; dogs are welcome as long as they are leashed.

Get Out and Explore the Great Outdoors With Your Kids Today!

Kids hiking

Pittsfield is a great destination for families looking to explore the outdoors together. With so many kid-friendly trails, parents can find something to enjoy with their children that will spark their sense of adventure and discovery. From the views it offers to the unique wildlife that thrives in its natural habitats, there's something different around every turn. Whether looking for a place to take your kids for a quick getaway or planning an extended trip, these are some of the best kid-friendly trails in Pittsfield. For more kid-friendly activities, check out these fun things to do with kids in Pittsfield!