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Pedal Paradise: Biking in The Berkshires

Biking in The Berkshires
Camille Reddick
Camille Reddick
July 14, 2023

Biking in The Berkshires is the experience of a lifetime! This area is known for its amazing summits and incredible views. As the seasons change, the shifting landscapes of New England create rare opportunities to see nature's creativity. If you're hoping to enjoy some rugged bike paths during a Berkshires vacation, there's no shortage of amazing parks to choose from when building your itinerary. Here's a look at the three best bike paths in The Berkshires!

Berkshire East's Thunder Mountain Bike Park

Thunder Mountain Bike Park

If you're familiar with Gravity Logic's work, you know this park is a big deal. Gravity Logic has created some of the best trails in the world. This time, they've created a gravity downhill mountain bike park that gives riders the thrill of traversing purpose-built trails ranging from introductory level to pro level. Riders who don't already own the downhill gear needed to rock these trails can take advantage of a rental shop offering rental bikes and gear. The highlight of Thunder Mountain Bike Park for experts is the Fort Hill portion which consists of mandatory gaps, mandatory drops, and giant wood features.

Mount Greylock

Top of Mount Greylock

You'll enjoy colorful views as far as the eye can see at Mount Greylock! Standing at 3,491 feet, Mount Grey lock is the highest point in Massachusetts. If you arrive on a clear day, you can easily expect to see nearly 100 miles away! The views still tend to be stunning even when some clouds or fog roll in. While many people come to the mountain to hike, insiders know that Mount Greylock is one of New England's best cycling destinations. Just be prepared for a challenging ascent. Generally, the route starting at Notch Road from North Adams is considered the most difficult way to reach the summit due to its steep incline and hairpin turn. While still challenging, the route starting at Lanesborough before joining Rockwell Road is considered the easier, more scenic path.

The Boulders

The Boulders

This is the top pick for cyclists looking for dramatic landscapes! The Boulders will open up a world covering more than 6 miles of stunning trails marked by large boulders and natural slides. There's also a westward vista. Those who explore the trails enjoy a mix of hemlock forest, fern forest, wetlands, and ponds. In addition to biking, these trails are ideal for jogging, hiking, and cross-country skiing. Options for exploration include the Healthy Heart Loop (0.5 miles/easy), Green trail (1.4 miles/easy), Red trail (2.4 miles/moderate), and Blue trail (2.8 miles/moderate).

Planning Your Berkshires Getaway

Biking in The Berkshires is an incredible way to see the wild beauty that makes this area so beloved. It's also important to carve out time to visit the many galleries, museums, and shops that define Berkshires culture. The Berkshire Museum Pittsfield is considered by many to offer the best encapsulation of local art, culture, and history. Make sure to leave room for this treasure as you plan your trip!